Dan Brown – Author of Inferno

Dan Brown

Before writing his first thriller novel and becoming a critically acclaimed writer, Dan Brown attempted to establish himself as a musician and song writer. He taught students Spanish at a preparatory school in Los Angeles and English in the United Kingdom for a source of steady income. His life experiences laid down the foundation of his unique characters, with many of them based on real people. The thematic incorporation of art, history and cryptography is based on personal research.


Inspired by a mystery novel read on vacation, he quit teaching and stopped pursuing a career in music in order to focus on writing. Dan Brown is the highest-selling and highest-paid author of modern times, despite having written only four books. Get his latest best selling novel, “Inferno”, in audio-format for free, through Audiobooks.com!

Once again featuring his lead character, Robert Langdon is on a search for the truth, puzzle by puzzle in a fast-paced, action-adventure plot. Filled with government conspiracies, assassins, numerous historical sites, interpretations of real art and several cleverly chosen Latin words, this next instalment will keep readers in suspense.

Commercial success

Although garnering multiple positive reviews from established critics, the real measure of success is the popularity and sales achieved by The Da Vinci author. With several hundreds of thousands copies of “Inferno” sold both in print and E-book format within the first week of its release, readers can attest to the sheer imaginative creativity of the author. The storyline is drenched with historical overtones and jam packed with numerous action scenes. You can find more information about the audiobook version on Audiobooks.com official site.

Robert Langdon

The main character, Robert Langdon, plays a crucial role in uncovering complex conspiracies and attempts to save the world from impending danger through his knowledge of historical artefacts, of which the larger population can only speculate. The skill of deducing meaning from the symbolism of art, allows Langdon to keep ahead of organizations aimed at establishing a new world order from the planned, ensuing destruction.

As before, Dan Brown manages to weave together mystery, history, conspiracy to create a readable movie that leaves readers craving for more. An insatiable desire to write has allowed the author to continue the legacy of The Da Vinci Code. The novel touches upon many Christian religious and moral beliefs, which may deter some readers, but main aim of the story is to promote a healthy debate between individuals as well as strengthen the view that good triumphs over evil.

Whether the “Inferno” is overcome by light or darkness, remains for the reader to find out. Download the full length audio book for free and enjoy this novel at your own convenience any time and anywhere!